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Navigation Guide

  • To navigate through this site, you can select from the menu bar at the bottom of each page.
  • To view my photos select the category you want under the Portfolio Tab.
  • The slides are set to view at a 2.5 second interval.
  • You may stop any slide you want to view by hovering over the center of the photo and pressing the pause || button.
  • Hovering over the center of the photo again enables you to select the play button to start the slide show from where you paused.
  • You can also use the back arrow or the forward arrow to scroll through the other photos manually at your own speed.
  • Another choice to select which photo you want to see is by using the menu bar on the left hand side.  You can select the arrows to move through the pages or select an individual photo to view from the menu bar.
  • Some pages e.g. the pricing page have a scroll bar on the side.  Drag this down to see more information than can be displayed on a single page.
  • Press the Tab 'NBC TV Interview' to view Ken's 2009 interview about his visit with Mama Sara Obama at the time of President Obama's inauguration.
  • Connect to Ken's Linked In page by pressing the Linked in icon button on the bottom left side near the Home Tab.